How to Join
The Handlebar Moustache Club

We are always pleased to welcome new members, whether you join as a full member or as a "friend" of the Handlebar Club.

moustacheFull Membershipmoustache
UK Members £25.00  Overseas Members £10.00

The qualification for Full membership is defined as "a hirsute appendage of the upper lip with graspable extremities", and membership is open to "any gentleman that the committee consider to be suitable, provided that he has the necessary qualification". Please note that beards of any kind are not allowed, and this includes "soul patches", "chin strips", "small closely-trimmed goatees", "small beards" and ANY hair growing on the chin, all of which are BEARDS and are prohibited.

If you do have a beard as well as a moustache, you might like to consider joining as a Friend Member instead, and/or joining The British Beard Club.The British Beard Club

We normally like any prospective new members to present themselves before the committee for vetting, prior to their application being accepted. However, we do understand that it is not always practical for prospective members to travel to London.

The annual subscription is now £25 for members residing in the United Kingdom and £10 for those based overseas, our year running from January 1st. The club tie is made of pure silk, with woven white moustaches on a maroon background, hand-finished and fully made in the UK. It costs £20 (plus p&p) and is exclusively available to full members. Other items are also available, but the tie is the one item of "regalia" that we expect members to wear at all club meetings. You can view these and other "Members only" items on our Sales page.

Membership is not very onerous, we are more of a social club, but from time to time we do ask for volunteers for charitable purposes. Recent activities have included charity stunts, such as finding out how many moustaches fit into a Mini, sponsored bike rides and several television appearances, but because of various business commitments we don't expect too much.

A copy of the Handlebar Club's Constitution is available to prospective members by request to the Secretary at the address below.

If you would like to join as a Full Member and will be able to meet the Committee, you can make your application online by clicking on the Full Membership Application button below.

moustache Friend Membership moustache
Friend of the Handlebar Club : £10.00

Anyone who supports the aims of the club but does not have the necessary qualification to become a full member, is welcome to become a "Friend of the Handlebar Club". The annual subscription is £10. For this you will receive copies of the club newsletter which is published about four times a year. In addition you will be welcome at our regular "first Friday" meetings, and also to join us for the A.G.M. weekend (though Friends are not eligible to vote at the A.G.M.). We also have a special tie for friends (£20 + P&P), which bears the club logo on a blue background, distiguishing it from the official Full Members maroon club tie.

You can make your Friend of the Handlebar Club application online by clicking on the Friend Membership Application button below.