The Handlebar Moustache Club
Handlebar Club Collectibles and Members Regalia

Handlebar Club Collectibles that are available to the general public as well as to members.

Cuff Links

Tie Slide

Lapel Badge

Luggage Label

More information on the Handlebar Club Luggage Label
 £1.00 each + P&P

Bone China Mug

Ball-Point Pen

Special Offer Bundle!  1 pair of Cuff Links + 1 Tie Slide + 1 Lapel Badge, normally £17.50 now just £15! (+P&P)

Handlebar Club Regalia available only to Full Members of the Club.

Member's Silk Tie

Members Silk Handkerchief

More information on the Handlebar Club Member's Silk Handkerchief
 £8.00 each + P&P

Member's Silk Self-tie Bowtie

Member's Silk Pre-tied Bowtie

Member's Silk Cravat

More information on The Handlebar Club Member's Silk Cravat
 £23.00 each + P&P

Member's Polo Shirt

Friends Regalia available only to Friends of The Handlebar Club.

Friend's Royal Blue Silk Tie

Friend's Royal Blue Polo Shirt