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Colin Anthony lives in South Woodford, London.
Edward Atkins hails from West Sussex where he lives and works in the family business. In his spare time, Edward enjoys playing the banjolele, a relatively new hobby of his, but one that has indeed proven to be equally rewarding.
Other interests also include, reading about the sartorial matters, paying particular attention to detail and upholding traditional values especially in the clothing department, where he enjoys wearing tweeds as often as possible.
Satirical writer/performer 'Atters' Attree is very much the man about town who (when not trailing ladies from each arm) may be found performing his “paranormal” shows or interviewing celebrities for The Chap magazine (as its Editor at Large and “Resident Bounder”). Very occasionally, Atters will attend a First Friday meeting, but it's normally a question of catch-him-if-you can! Visit
John Bainbridge is from Livingstone, West Lothian.
Harry Bamford hails from Oldham, Lancashire originally, but after spending the 80s running a nightclub on the fashionable Island of Ibiza, he has now retired to his hill-top retreat in the Rossendale valley.
Hobbies include riding his Pennyfarthing and other assorted bicycles. Also loves tweed....
Mick Bates, pictured here at Goodwood in one of his outfits that he wore for The Chap magazine. Mick says:

“Along with doing catwalk shows I have also been an artist's model and a nude model appearing in 'maverick arts activist' JoJo's book on Plymouth eccentrics. I also did the test programme for TV on the same subject.

“I am now a retired university lecturer. My hobbies include riding my Harley Davidson, Vintage cars - I own a Jaguar SS 100 - and collecting African and ethnic art. I have also been a drummer appearing on stage at Wavendon, Milton Keynes backing the late Johnny Dankworth.
Jock Blakey died after a long fight with prostate cancer on December 1st 2022. Allan Robinson wrote, “He always took great pleasure and pride in having a distinctive moustache and being around similar people and sharing a drink with them - drink, of course being his other great love. At the time of his death, Jock had been a member of the Handlebar Club for approximately 30 years - although by the end he had joined the ranks of those who sport the blue tie of shame, he had grown a beard. Jock leaves behind his family and his partner Lewis, who, as always, continues to love him very, very much.”
David Dade : “He was always very friendly and interested in people, and in both the Handlebar and Beard Clubs. He was a striking figure, with various moustache ‘arrangements’ and latterly with a beard, but always wearing shorts, summer and winter. He is loved and much missed.”
Mark Boswell lives in Penryn, Cornwall.
Tony Blyth lives on Jersey in the Channel Islands. Anthony says:

“I was in my younger days an officer in the Parachute Regiment but am also a qualified teacher of Physical Education and History, until I retired two years ago. I was for a number of years the Senior Night Security Co-Ordinator in the General Hospital in Jersey.

Tony on Etna - Click to enlarge“I have been a mountaineer all my life and have climbed some of the really high ones and spend a great deal of time in the White Mountains in Crete. Here is a photo of me on the top of Mt. Etna in Sicily. Click the picture for a better view!

“I have a Mitchell 31 Mark II cabin cruiser with twin Volvo Penta 150 Hp turbo charged diesels, so am able to potter about the waters around the Channel Islands.

“I am also the Chairman of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party - do you remember Screaming Lord Sutch? He was a good friend!!”
William Brown is based in East Sussex, where William is an Audio Specialist. See William's professional Web site and Feature
Conrad Clare lives in Nottingham.
Alex Coleman hails from somewhere… actually 1970s Leicester, and spent many years in Another World and climbing trees and now plays with Electricity.
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Tony Cooper - Toastmaster, Actor and Voice-over artist lives by the sea in Sussex. A Bon Viveur in every sense, enjoying fine wine, fine dining and the company of fine women.
Barry 'Fingers' Copson hails from Leicester and is a Cabinet/Prop maker and master of polished wood.