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Tom Cutler is a humorist and writer from Hove, East Sussex. His assertion that, "You don't grow a moustache; a moustache grows you!" shows the depth of profundity and mind control that the hirsute appendage can exert on its wearer.
Matt Davis was born in Ilford and currently resides in Leicestershire. He is mad keen on tunnels and railways and likes to share his passion with other members who are receptive to his advances of climbing down a hole! Matt also likes quizzes and Thai cuisine and works for Transport For London where he is a champion for people with Disabilities.
Ron Duck is a Londoner
Mark East comes from somewhere...
Lewis A. Elliot lives in London.
Nick Epsom comes from Colchester, Essex. Nick was formerly a hotel manager, keen cyclist and cricketer until his back decided to retire.

He now spends his days smoking his pipe, wearing tweed, watching his fiancée dig their allotment and making the people of Colchester stumble and walk in to lamp posts with amazement at his whiskers!
Neil Garratt comes from Leeds.
Ron Gayler writes:

“I am 56 and father of 6 children and live near Southampton and I work in Network Rail.

“I have some hobbies including long distance walking, reading - especially the First World War and history in general - keeping fit plus trying to learn to play the Banjo. I have two motorbikes that I ride weather permitting, and a rowing boat.

“I always had a 'tache in the 70s and quite often in between. I now intend to stay with it till I meet my maker!”
Jonathan M. Halbert lives in Derbyshire.
Guy Heathcote hails from Southampton, and has astonishing juggling, yo-yo and musical skills. He is also a qualified Master Of Ceremonies.
Mick Heys comes from Bletchingley, Surrey, UK.
Peter Hobbs originally hails from New Zealand however now lives in London as he enjoys the cold weather...
Michael Honeyman, 46, enjoys hiking in the Mourne Mountains, cycling through Co. Down and taking part in endurance races/events worldwide, mainly for charity. When running past other competitors always shouts, "Can't wait, must-dash" has them in stitches every time and so helps me run on to victory!! 22 years of proud Service for Her Majesty in the Royal Regiment of Artillery, leaving rank Sergeant Major, or Sir to the OR's (Other Ranks).

Very pleased to be part of another elite group of gentlemen.