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Andrew Ogilvy
“Now based from Oxford’s Shire, photography has been the passport to my life and to the amazing people I have met throughtout my formative years.

“I'm slightly obsessive about titfas. My collection of hats will soon be able to rival that of Imelda Marcos's shoes!”

Ryan Pike is originally from Somerset, and his only claim to fame (he says) is that his great, great, great Grandfather employed the author Thomas Hardy as an architect back in the 1800s.

Trained as a solicitor and ex-Crown Prosecution Service, he keeps himself amused by playing chess, umpiring village cricket matches (when fit himself), pipe-smoking and the occasional game of pub darts where his average score on a good day is usually ‘29’.

Other than that, he has an unrivalled collection of tweed jackets and cravats much to the chagrin of his wife, and occasionally falls prey to the allure of not so fine British classic cars (which are equally unpopular with Mrs. Pike). A Movember 2011 & 2012 veteran, also 2nd place Natural Moustache at the BBMC 2014 and recently came third in the 2015 Wessex Beardsmen Competition.
Daniel Price AKA Daniel Vane AKA GrandMaster Tash
Brewer, Britpop has-been and Natural born doodler
Father, Tattoo collector and Evertonian

Daniel lives in North London
John 'Redz' Redmond is from Dartford, Kent.
Mr Natty aka Matthew Raine is from Chelsfield, Kent. Mr. Natty is a Groomer and Master Barber. He is represented by ONE MAKEUP in London. You can see his wares at Mr Natty and His Incredibly Natty Shop