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Alex Roberts lives in Warwick, England. Alex says, “I am a Welder / fitter who builds tankers. I am married with 3 lovely children.”
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Allan Robinson trained at the Royal Aircraft Establisment Farnborough as an avionics/electrical engineer, then spent twenty years as a field service engineer and is now currently self employed with the work ethic of "never say no" which leads one into all sorts of avenues.

Hobbies include riding and restoring old motorcycles - a cherished Norton Dominator. Allan says,

“I also own a Chevrolet Corvette, enjoy the occasional day fly fishing on the river test trying to catch anything on flies I have tied, model engineering, running my steam garden railway.

“Interests include anything steam-powered, Victorian engineering and architecture, 1950s glamour images, attending meetings at Prescott Hill Climb and expanding my wardrobe with fine gentleman's outfits.

“I am a proud member of the Handlebar Club and fully embrace the gentlemanly pursuits of drinking fine ale, smoking pipes, snuff taking and admiring fine young ladies.”
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Mark Salisbury lives in Truro, Cornwall.
Philip G.W. Smith is a Graphic Designer who is as comfortable being behind the camera as as he is being the focus of it, and enjoys going to The Chap Olympiad among other vintage events throughout the year. He has been a member of The Handlebar Club since 2011.
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Matthew Solloway-Price says,

‘I'm a graduate in Palaeontology currently in my first year of marriage to my wife Maddi.

I am an avid pocket watch collector, especially those designed for the Ottoman Empire.

I grew the mo’ as both me and the wife love deco fashions and the moustache just fitted so well. Although I'm not allowed to let it go to ‘Poirot’!
Alan 'Spider' Spencer is from Southampton, Hampshire.
Douglas Sutherland is a school teacher and ex-RAF officer from the Highlands of Scotland. The father of 2 children, he is a keen motorcyclist and model maker.
Andrew Wakefield says,

“I hail from Nottingham where I live with my better half Sarah and our two boys, James and Adam. I'm a proud ex-serviceman, now driving the Iron Road for East Midlands Trains.

“I enjoy Drinking, live music, socialising, weekends in Brugge, watching Leicester Tigers, drinking, endurance walking and did I mention having a Drink!”
Chris Wall lives in Bath, Somerset, UK. Chris's job is counting the 1ps and 2ps for the Royal Mint. His interests are disco dancing, growing giant vegetables and reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica.
Major Gary A. Wallace is from Glasgow.
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Russell Youles says,

For 30 years I had lived life without any facial hair, always clean shaven. My handlebar moustache “journey” started after taking part in my 2nd Movember in 2012. After keeping the ‘tache trimmed neat and tidy I decided to take it further and let it grow - despite calls for the moustache to be shaved off! Since then I haven't looked back.

I currently live in Tavistock, Devon and can often be seen driving around the country lanes in “Michael” my classic mini. I also enjoy collecting and using classic cameras as well as playing country blues on my steel bodied resonator guitar.

Although a newcomer to the world of handlebar moustaches, I have had plenty of practice drinking fine ales but I could do with some more tweed in my wardrobe ;)