The Handlebar Club

The Handlebar Club Forum is a valuable resource of opinion, advice and experience of growing a Handlebar Moustache, and the techniques of using Moustache Wax and other relevant subjects. The Forum offers many useful features, such as users' Avatars, private messaging between users, and notification on screen or by e-mail when a new post has been made in a subscribed thread.

Here's a testimonial from a long-time Forum member:

“I initially joined the Forum to learn from the established Handlebar Club members and to close the geographical distance that separates us 'overseas' members from the active club members. Happily, I gained greater Handlebar knowledge from our own shared 'Forum' resources and developed wider cyber friendships in the process. If not for the Handlebar Club Forum, I would have given up on my Handlebar project out of ignorance and frustration. The Forum came along at just the right time and I must credit it for what I have today.”

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