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Jerry Addison is from West Virginia, USA. Jerry says,

“Even though I live in West Virginia, I am originally from Charleston, South Carolina. I am an audiophile who has a passion for Hi-End audio, vinyl, and classical music.

I have assisted the recording engineer for the Charleston Symphony as well as assisting with other ensembles, and most importantly, my role as husband to She Who Must Be Obeyed, my wife Aleta, (I borrowed the title years ago from one of my favorite programs from the past, Rumpole)... and being Papa to my daughter and two sons.
David Alber lives in Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A. David is Club Secretary for the Whisker Club.
Ron Billings is from Oregon, USA.
Jake Bricknell hails from Canada, and has spent time as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, high school physics teacher, mechanical engineer, extra in films requiring moustaches, and researching astrophysical phenomenon for a university in Ontario, Canada. His interests include aeronautics, ballistics, cryptography, carpentry, and nonverbal communications. When not trying to learn something new, he spends his time smoking his pipe, tasting whisky, and travelling as widely as possible.
Ken Cantamout who comes from San Francisco USA, has attended many of our AGM weekends in the UK.
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William Canter comes from Maryland, USA.

John Cheeseman aka Johnny Cheese comes from Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. Johnny says,

“My trip to a Handlebar has been convoluted but ultimately face-defining. For many years I have had beards, goatees, sideburns, soul patch and regret (in that order), so then I rinsed and repeated. Had been growing a ‘tache with a soul patch and feeling very musketeery (not sure that‘s a real adjective?)

“In November 2012 I was in London and went to the Windsor Castle, met the gents from the Club, imbibed, chatted, imbibed some more and voilá! ... An amazing evening with some excellent folk and a commitment to the ‘tache, removal of the soul patch and ultimately a membership.

“Finding the ‘tache is becoming a little defining... comments from ‘excellent moustache’ to ‘you look like Daniel Day Lewis’ (I do not look like Daniel Day Lewis but was willing to take it). I am very much enjoying all that comes with being a part of this most excellent ‘tache community.”
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Robert Copley says:

“I am a proud husband and father of three, living in CT, located in the north-eastern United States known as New England.

“My hobbies include: classic wet shaving, pipe smoking and collecting fountain pens.

“I enjoy spending time with my children, and coaching youth soccer and ice hockey.”
John Davis lives in San Francisco, California, USA
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Alfredo Franco-Cea was born in Mexico City, and now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Alfredo is a laboratory chemist, and he has a wide range of leisure interests from music and dance to science to politics to... MOUSTACHES!!!

Alfredo explains that the Spanish word for moustache is “bigote”, but the plural “bigotes” is often used as well. A “bigotón” or “bigotudo” is the proud wearer of a (big) moustache - which describes Alfredo perfectly!
Ian Graham is from Ontario, Canada. Ian says, “I am a paramedic who rides a Harley Davidson. I enjoy ice hockey and am active in my community.”
Zach Jensen Hande is based in Connecticut, USA. Zach enjoys donning a hat and tie and listening to jazz while out and about, and can keep a daily tally of how many people make comments about his moustache.
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Jim Hanson is from Fennville, Michigan, USA. Jim says, “These photos are of me in my native habitat - the dunes and woods of southwest Michigan - and with local fauna (our dog, Ilsa)”
Joshua Huskisson comes from Memphis, Tennessee, USA.