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Remembering Alf Jarrald

We are sad to announce the death of one of our ‘elder statesmen’, Alf Jarrald, on Tuesday 2nd May in Manchester. He was in his nineties. Jane, his daughter, said that the Club meant so much to him and he was so proud of his tie.

Alf joined the Club, well into his retirement from the clothing industry, in 1993 (before my time!) and I first came across him at the 50th Anniversary AGM in Eastbourne. Later that year he joined a few of us at the World Championships in Pforzheim where we were treated to our first taste of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Black Forest Gateau to you and me. The difference being that each cake there contained two litres of cream - I’ve never eaten the insipid British version since!

Alf attended a number of our AGM’s most notably in Boroughbridge in Yorkshire where, after a trip to the Black Sheep Brewery Alf had imbibed a little too much and on the coach certainly looked the worse for wear. The next day he said to me “You thought I was a gonner, didn’t you?” I have to admit I was worried.

Alf represented the Club at a number of overseas Championships - the 1999 World Championships in Ystad, Sweden, the 2002 European Championships in Italy, and the 2003 World Championships in Carson City, USA where, due to his advanced years, he was provided with an open top sports car for the parade through Carson City.

He went on to win the ‘Sideburns’ category and come 2nd overall. He also joined us at the 2004 German Championship in Leinfelden Echterdingen and the 2005 World Championships in Berlin where there was the most enormous cheer when he arrived. Unfortunately this was to be his last overseas visit with us.

Alf pictured after his WBMC 2003 win
Alf pictured after his WBMC 2003 win

My personal memories of Alf were him leaving his pyjamas neatly folded under his pillow in the hotel in Sweden, his surprise on being asked whether he wanted hot tea (as opposed to iced!) for his breakfast in the USA and his constant enquiry, when we were overseas, “Do they have Mild?” (I suspect younger readers will have no idea what I’m talking about!) On his final trip, to Berlin, I actually got him through the metal scanner at the airport for the first time - he always forgot he had a pipe knife, metal glasses case, change in his pocket etc!

Unfortunately Alf’s health started to deteriorate and he spent the last two years in a residential home suffering from dementia. Our condolences go out to his children and grandchildren. Those of us who knew him and have missed him over the last years, will continue to do so - a really great character.

Rod Littlewood